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Odour Elimination

Removing unwanted odour in fabrics and gear is a hallmark of the Sport Suds product line. To some, it’s a stinky problem that never goes away. To us, it’s a matter of science that we tackle with enthusiasm.

The Background
Odour in fabrics and gear results from a number of sources. We like to divide them into three groups consisting of a) contaminants, b) bacteria, and what we call, c) the rubber tire group. Contaminants are foreign items embedded or resting on the surface of fabric and can consist of such things as campfire smoke, perfume and suntan oil. Fabric that smells because of contaminants usually smell similar to the contaminating item.

Smells from our bacteria group result from living, breeding and feeding bacteria (yuck)! When these organisms eat, they produce smelly gas. As they multiply, the smell becomes worse.

The rubber tire group smells because that’s what it’s made of. Don’t try to remove the odour by washing it out. That would not be successful.

The Science
Past approaches to odour removal have included overpowering smells with perfume. Needless to say, this is a sub-optimal non-solution.

Another approach of late is to eliminate odours by killing active bacteria using peroxide based or similar chemicals. This can be effective albeit, potentially temporary when fresh bacteria are attracted to chemical remnants and other food sources that remain embedded in the clothes fabric.

Sport Suds laundry detergent attacks odour at the root by physically removing bacteria and their food source; leaving nothing behind except for a clean fabric fiber. With no food source and an absolutely clean fiber, there is no odour. As an added benefit, with nothing but a clean fiber, future habitation by bacteria is hindered resulting in longer lasting, fresher fabrics.