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Residue-Free Clothes

Residue-free to some means no white powder left on your clothes when it comes out of the washing machine. To us it means much, much more.

Residue-free clothes to us means your clothes contain absolutely nothing once the rinse cycle is complete. Residue-free clothes have fabric fibers that are totally free of detergent, chemicals, dirt particles and bacteria. For us, residue-free is the ultimate in clean, and it means clothes don’t smell like pretty flowers or pine forests, but instead simply smell of ‘nothing’. By their very nature, residue-free clothes contain no irritants to skin which makes for great when training and working out.

Is your cleaning product residue-free?
Try adding a drop of cleaning product to a lens on an old pair of eye glasses. Rub (gently) and rinse under flowing water. Hold up to the light and what do
you see? A residue-free cleaning product leaves nothing behind. Streaks, smudges, lines or other means something is not being washed away.

Are your clothes residue free?
Method 1
Take a towel or other item and add it to a basin or sink of water. Gently agitate and squeeze. Do soap suds appear? Clothes that are residue-free do not create suds.

Method 2
Use your nose to smell your clothes. Clothes that are truly residue-free do not smell like ‘ocean waves’ or ‘spring meadows’.

Some chemicals are tenacious, once they are introduced to fabric it takes many washes to get rid of them. Sport Suds laundry detergent is your ally here and will chip away at the residue with each wash.

Is your washing machine residue free?
Try running a load of just water (no detergent, no clothes) in your washer. If soap suds appear, there are residues in the washer. Some of these residues ultimately redeposit onto your clothes while they’re being washed.

Sport Suds products are non-residue and will clean your machine. With each successive wash, your washer will become cleaner.