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Our uniform shirts are made of a quick dry fabric, as we spend a lot of time in the water. These shirts are owned by the Club and are used by different people throughout the season at every race event. I can’t even begin to describe the foul odour that has been emanating from these shirts over the course of our races this year. After each race, I would wash all the uniforms two or three times in an effort to eliminate the smell with no results. In fact, it was getting to the point that the team was starting to boycott the shirts and wanted to burn them at the end of the season. As a result of an internet search I found your website and ordered a $2 sample of your product. I believe this was the best $2 I have ever spent. I washed all 36 shirts in 1 tablespoon of your detergent and the shirts came out spelling fresh, clean and odour free! It’s a miracle. At our race last weekend, the team members began to block their noses as they pulled the shirts over their heads, much to their surprise the shirts didn’t stink! People began to smell the armpits of the shirts wondering what had happened. I have to tell you that we were all impressed.

Pam W, “The Blue Dragons”, Ottawa

Thank you so much!! After trying Sport Suds once, my husband and I knew that we had found the answer to our laundry dreams. As an avid triathlete, my husband’s sports clothing always had a lingering odour, even just after washing. Sport Suds has completely eliminated that smell and the clothes are like new. I also have a machine washable shower curtain that I usually wash every two weeks. Close to washing day, it usually develops a sour, musty smell (I guess from being wet and in a humid environment all the time). Lately, that smell has been showing up just a few days after washing and I thought I’d have to throw it out – that was until I washed it with Sport Suds!! Just like my husband’s smelly exercise clothes, the shower curtain is fresh and like new. You can call me a VERY satisfied customer.

Laura W, Vancouver BC

I have been running for nearly two years and have amassed a decent collection of running shirts, shorts and pants. They look GREAT, but smell absolutely aweful. I tried soaking them, spraying them, scrubbing them, multiple washes, countless detergents, etc. I then, quite by accident, came across sports suds and requested my free sample. I did two loads, one white and one coloured. No perfume smell, only clean and fresh. Without getting too optimistic, I decided to run in one of my worse smelling shirts to make sure that once they got wet the smell would not return. Could not believe the results! The horrible sweat smell has vanished and I do not have to hide from other runners. This is definitely a keeper. Happy trails, and thanks for an A1 product.

Diane G, Cornwall

Sport Suds is the best sports detergent out there! My husband and I go to the gym and do spin classes regularly. My husband leaves a small pool of sweat on the spin room floor (gross I know but it gets even worse), he changes before coming home thank-god because when he leaves his bike shorts in the laundry room I want to use a stick to toss it in the washer. The things are soaking wet. After washing our gym stuff in the Soap Suds I am pleased to say there is no odor at all. I was so impressed I took all our workout gear that was cleaned with another detergent and I rewashed it in the Sport Suds. I love this stuff and I love that it is a Canadian based company. PS: Have you thought about trying to sell it at gyms?

Lisa H, Mississauga

So, it was day 3 of my relaxing 10 vacation when it hit me…The night before we left home, I threw in a load of towels into the washer, and forgot to put them into the dryer as I had intended. Anyway, we enjoyed our vacation and didn’t think about the laundry again until I walked into the house. The smell of mold nearly knocked me out, right away I knew exactly what it was…the towels! As I was at the washer with full intent to just throw away these smelly molding towels I remembered that sample I got of SportSuds. I ran up the stairs and grabbed the sample off the fridge, read the package and thought well if it doesn’t work I was going to throw the towels out anyway, might as well at least try. I did one load of just water and 1 pack of SportSuds just to get the smell out of the washer, then another with the towels and the SportSuds. The outcome: Well let me tell you…….THANK YOU!!!! I don’t have to buy new towels, I swear you would never know that those towels used to smell like that, I couldn’t believe it!! I tell everyone I see. People have asked me about my trip and I always start the story with the towel and SportSuds incident!!! I am so greatful, thank you again very much…keep up the GREAT WORK!

Sandy P, Edmonton

We really gave it a good test with work out gear and a nasty stuffed bunny of my daughter’s. (It was so gross, dirty and smelly that I should be embarrassed to tell you about it.) Everything came out perfectly clean, I was happy to see. The smell was completely gone. Truly amazing as I had washed that bunny a couple time with Tide, to no avail.


I can’t believe it! Yesterday I ran out of my usual “general purpose cleaner” (no need to mention the name) just as I was about to wipe down the tiles in the front hallway. I thought to myself, “what the heck, as long as it’s a good detergent, it should work, right?” So, I sprinkled a bit of Sport Suds in my pail with some warm water and began wiping the tiles. I was pleased to see the dirt and dust come off nicely and the tiles return to their usual clean look. “Hmm, maybe even a little brighter than normal..”

Well, the really amazing part, and the reason I’m writing you is what I realized next. Normally, when I do this, the rag I use (a cut up piece of old t-shirt) gets covered in grime and turns into a dirty, gross mess that I just throw out. Well yesterday, each time I placed the rag in my pail and squeezed it out, the rag came out clean. By the end of my wipe down, the rag was a gleaming clean white. This was absolutely amazing! I thought about my clothes in the washing machine with Sport Suds and how clean they get. It’s no wonder your detergent can get rid of odor. I’m totally sold on your product. And, by the way, I think you should really change the name to ‘House Suds’ because that’s the cleaner that I’ll be using around my house from now on!

Sandra, Toronto

I have to tell you this story…..I wanted to find out, personally, how well the soap worked before I handed out any samples. I was amazed. When you advertise that it gets rid of the smell, it sure does! I’m sure nobody thinks their technical gear is as ‘stinky’ as it really is. I sure didn’t. (I even rewashed my gear that had already been washed previously and, listen, I’ve got a lot of gear!)

CG – Running Instructor, Brampton

I found the soap very effective at eliminating odours, running stuff very clean with no lingering smell what so ever. When I work out I sweat more than anyone I know, and sometimes the clothing is still left with a less than clean smell. I find this soap extremely useful in regards to all my workout clothing.

Calvin S.

My husband and I have participated in Marathons, Ironman and many triathlon. My husband Calvin sweats more than anyone I know. His sports gear after cycling and especially running usually smells bad and even after washing has an odour. We tried the sample of Sport Suds. The directions were easy to follow and the clothes came out great. The colour looked bright and the best part of all was that they didn't smell. I was very impressed. I need to know where I can buy this stuff and in a hurry because Calvin has decided to run the Toronto Marathon. There will some major laundry jobs coming up.

Janice S.

I am very impressed with the Sport Suds. Not only did I use it on my running clothes but my other laundry as well. Imagine my surprise when my old running gear took on a new life. Some of the clothing that I laundered was over 10 years old and even these items came out odor free and lighter in weight. It is my belief that if I continue to use this product that I will certainly get rid of any residue in the fibers of my sports clothes. The towels that I did were softer and cleaner and I no longer have to use a fabric softener. So where can I get some and soon? I want to take some with me when I go on vacation.

Tina B.

  • the good news is there's no smell at all, after searching for the least offensive smelling laundry cleaner it's great to have one that doesn't impart any artificial odour. And yes even my shorts don't smell
  • a long set grass stain in white running socks came out
  • I never use softeners in either washer or drier, with Sport Suds clothes feel soft without that damn softener smell

It works better than other products (cleaner, softer, odour free, etc) and I really like the idea that it's concentrated, that we're not using resources to truck heavy packages of mostly filler around. If I want a weight workout I'll go the gym.

Peter H.

I dislike strong perfumes in detergents, and do get skin reactions when detergent remains on clothes after washing. Your product was superb on both these fronts as there is no perfume and it rinsed clean. The product worked well in my front loading machine. There was no foaming which is critical for front loaders and there didn't appear to be any detergent residues.

Rene P.

We just want to share this great story. We have used Sport Suds for over two years, my wife was tired of the stink of my athletic wear – it works as promised.
Last month we moved and after a long day before going to bed we let the dogs out back and at midnight they decided to explore a skunk – the skunk did not enjoy the introduction so it sprayed our Goldens. Fresh Skunk oil is a horrible smell our noses will never forget.
My wife went to work cleaning the dogs and after much work and many towels – the dogs could finally be allowed into the house. I researched getting the skunk smell out and most sites suggested old towels as the smell will likely not come out – too late for us.
My wife placed our smelly skunk oiled pyjamas and towels into the laundry before bed with just two scoops of Sport Suds. The morning came the house and dogs still had a slight odour of skunk. I checked the laundry and it had no smell, even after drying the towels and pyjamas – they just smelled clean.
Thanks a million to Sport Suds the best laundry product in the world for getting the ‘Skunk Out’.
Kevin, Waterloo

Wanted to tell you that Sport Suds is a great product. My son plays hockey 6 times a week. Over the years, I have tried Borax soaking, washer ” sport” detergents and old fashioned vinegar and water to get rid of the distinctive hockey stench on his gear and dryfit clothes.

Sport Suds worked first time!
I cleaned the front loading washer first with your product, then washed his stinky hockey gear – awesome. SO nice to be able to bring clothes out of the dryer that don’t have that “perfumey” stink remaining. Now they are clean and odor free.
Many thanks!
Margie G, Calgary