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I can’t believe it! Yesterday I ran out of my usual “general purpose cleaner” (no need to mention the name) just as I was about to wipe down the tiles in the front hallway. I thought to myself, “what the heck, as long as it’s a good detergent, it should work, right?” So, I sprinkled a bit of Sport Suds in my pail with some warm water and began wiping the tiles. I was pleased to see the dirt and dust come off nicely and the tiles return to their usual clean look. “Hmm, maybe even a little brighter than normal..”

Well, the really amazing part, and the reason I’m writing you is what I realized next. Normally, when I do this, the rag I use (a cut up piece of old t-shirt) gets covered in grime and turns into a dirty, gross mess that I just throw out. Well yesterday, each time I placed the rag in my pail and squeezed it out, the rag came out clean. By the end of my wipe down, the rag was a gleaming clean white. This was absolutely amazing! I thought about my clothes in the washing machine with Sport Suds and how clean they get. It’s no wonder your detergent can get rid of odor. I’m totally sold on your product. And, by the way, I think you should really change the name to ‘House Suds’ because that’s the cleaner that I’ll be using around my house from now on! Sandra, Toronto

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