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We just want to share this great story. We have used Sport Suds for over two years, my wife was tired of the stink of my athletic wear – it works as promised.

Last month we moved and after a long day before going to bed we let the dogs out back and at midnight they decided to explore a skunk – the skunk did not enjoy the introduction so it sprayed our Goldens. Fresh Skunk oil is a horrible smell our noses will never forget.

My wife went to work cleaning the dogs and after much work and many towels – the dogs could finally be allowed into the house. I researched getting the skunk smell out and most sites suggested old towels as the smell will likely not come out – too late for us.

My wife placed our smelly skunk oiled pyjamas and towels into the laundry before bed with just two scoops of Sport Suds. The morning came the house and dogs still had a slight odour of skunk. I checked the laundry and it had no smell, even after drying the towels and pyjamas – they just smelled clean.

Thanks a million to Sport Suds the best laundry product in the world for getting the ‘Skunk Out’.

Kevin, Waterloo

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