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So, it was day 3 of my relaxing 10 vacation when it hit me…The night before we left home, I threw in a load of towels into the washer, and forgot to put them into the dryer as I had intended. Anyway, we enjoyed our vacation and didn’t think about the laundry again until I walked into the house. The smell of mold nearly knocked me out, right away I knew exactly what it was…the towels! As I was at the washer with full intent to just throw away these smelly molding towels I remembered that sample I got of SportSuds. I ran up the stairs and grabbed the sample off the fridge, read the package and thought well if it doesn’t work I was going to throw the towels out anyway, might as well at least try. I did one load of just water and 1 pack of SportSuds just to get the smell out of the washer, then another with the towels and the SportSuds. The outcome: Well let me tell you…….THANK YOU!!!! I don’t have to buy new towels, I swear you would never know that those towels used to smell like that, I couldn’t believe it!! I tell everyone I see. People have asked me about my trip and I always start the story with the towel and SportSuds incident!!! I am so greatful, thank you again very much…keep up the GREAT WORK! Sandy P, Edmonton

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